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Welcome to the HFO

Welcome to the home of the Head First Only Club, a gathering of skiers (and the occasional snowboarder) around the globe who enjoy skiing. On this site you'll find basic information about skiing, together with a few hints and tips.

Last update: December 2022

Getting Started:

OK, so you've decided to go on a skiing holiday. What are you letting yourself in for? What do you do first? Do you need to buy anything? What can you expect when you get there?

Going Skiing:

How are you going to travel on your ski trip? Each mode of transport has advantages and disadvantages. There are some things that might catch you unawares the first time, too.

Places to Ski:

Brief guides to some of the places that the HFO have visited.

The site has been run since its inception by Chris Harris, so there's some stuff about him, too. There are also some pages about Chris's other interests:

Chris is on Mastodon.

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